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The Front Line for Wireline and MWD Product Quality is At the Wellsite

No amount of fancy post-processing can really overcome problems caused by data which is bad from the start.

Calibration and other wireline and/or MWD product quality problems discovered at the wellsite can usually be rectified.

Once a well has been cased, however, the best a wireline or MWD vendor can offer is discounted charges and/or credit against future work.

I will work with your wellsite staff and the wireline and/or MWD vendors to insure that the log data obtained is the highest quality possible.

Major Wireline Vendor, Operations Manager:

“Thank you for holding our feet to the fire. You were correct from the start. The problem does not appear to be environmental.”

This QA/QC oversight resulted in tool replacements on an offshore rig and credit against the questionable tool charges.

I will review existing well data bases, where product quality is suspect and, if appropriate, take the matter up with the wireline and/or MWD vendor responsible for acquiring the data.

Major Wireline Vendor, Vice President, European Operations:

“I do not, ever again, want to have a client show us just how badly we have performed, like they did, for this project.”

This QA/QC review resulted in reassignment of the responsible operations manager from Europe to Saudi Arabia as Safety Officer, the creation of a Regional QA/QC Engineer to prevent future problems and 20 % discounts on future work at a time when this vendor was not discounting their charges.

I will work with your wireline/MWD vendors to improve delivered product quality.

Major Wireline Vendor, District Manager:

“How can we incorporate your field QA/QC checks into our normal operations?”

The field QA/QC checks, in question involved simple temperature tool and drilling fluid resistivity bridge checks which could be applied in the field without significantly impacting normal logging operations, but which greatly increased the quality of the resulting products.

I will work with your logging vendor to help them solve operational product quality problems.

Slim-Hole Logging Vendor, Engineer:

“I did not really want to relog that well, but I am glad that you asked me to do so, with the modifications that you suggested.”

The wireline service in question was a seldom used side-wall acoustic tool, which had confusing instructions in the Engineer’s Manual. The operational modifications I suggested resulted in the first successful use of this tool by a very good, experienced, engineer.

Slim-Hole Logging Vendor, General Manager:

“As a result of your suggestion and the improved performance achieved, we are now in the process of modifying all of our tools.”

The tools in question were natural gamma ray tools. The small crystal design, used for Uranium/Thorium/Potash exploration provided inadequate counting statistics for low-radioactivity sediments, resulting in poor tool repeats. My suggestion was to use larger crystals, which greatly improved the counting statistics and tool repeatability.


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