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I Can Plan, Execute and Oversee Petrophysical Programs Out of My Shop, Your Shop, On Location, or Any Combination of These Situations.

I have extensive experience with the major wireline & slim-hole logging contractors; measurements while drilling/logging while drilling (MWD/LWD), and routine core analysis laboratory & special core analysis laboratory (SCAL) contractors.

I will work with your exploration and drilling departments to develop a petrophysical program optimized to your specific needs and objectives.

“I guess we had better change our mud program.”

The response of a Drilling Superintendent upon learning that the High-Temperature sepiolitic mud, used to generate a spongy fibrous mud cake in his geothermal wells, would transform into nearly impermeable smectite, at geothermal reservoir temperatures, while he was waiting for his casing cement to set. This situation resulted in costly clay acid treatment programs needed to rehibilitate reservoirs damaged by the sepiolite/smectitte transformation.

“Oh Ho-Ho-Ho.”

The response of a formation damage specialist, upon learning that a Drilling Department was using dispersive lignosulfonate muds to drill high angle deviated wells in expansive clay sediments. The net result of this practice was extensive wash-outs and numerous stuck drill pipe and logging tool incidents.

“Don’t they know that increasing the mud weight only drives the offending chemicals deeper into the formation?”

Response of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer on “Clay Minerals and Formation Damage”, when he learned that a Drilling Department was attempting to overcome swelling clays by increasing mud weight.

I will work with the wireline, measurements while drilling, and/or core analysis laboratory vendors to provide you with the highest quality data.

“That sales Manager conducted a compact with the devil, when he offered discounts for incomplete data delivery.”

Remark from the Houston based LWD International Accounts Manager, when he learned that a local LWD Sales Manager had offered discounted rates for incomplete services, to my client’s local operations office. The resulting incomplete data delivery resulted in delivery of inadequate and uncalibrated LWD data. Direct intervention with the International Accounts Manager resolved this issue and restored communications with “In country” technical people who understood what they were doing.

“You have raised some intriguing points which are now exercising the vendor’s collective brains.”

Remark from my client’s in-country Subsurface Geologist, regarding the above three-way correspondence between the LWD Vendor’s In-Country Sales Manager, the LWD Vendor’s International Accounts Manager, and myself. The In-Country Manager was eventually forced to honor the rates of the contract but deliver the complete data package as advertised by the LWD Vendor. Further technical discussions were conducted with In-Country Technical personnel and the International Accounts Manager.

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