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More Than 30 Years Experience from over 16 States, 2 Canadian Provinces and 31 Countries, Exclusive of North America

Good Petrophysical Data Begins with a Knowledgeable Client.

 I have planned and executed very successful Petrophysical training programs lasting from one to five days.


Basic Formation Evaluation Workshop Participant Comments:

“. . . finally someone is giving a practical F.E. workshop that is immediately applicable to my daily job.”

“All earth scientists and engineers should take this course.”

“After doing those workshops, everything seems to be clearer.”

“Excellent methods for getting concepts across.”

“I have a better appreciation for F.E. work and what they can bring to field characterization.”

“I learned more from being able to apply the class, directly, and then asking questions which came up.”

I can, and have, tailored Petrophysical training to the level and interest of the students.


Basic Formation Evaluation Workshop Participant Comments:

“Now I am able to analyze logs in the field and do QC properly.”

“The subjects presented here will have immediate applications to my present project . . .”

“It just filled huge gaps which I’ve had in F.E. techniques and theory.”

I can, and have, taken an academic class, with little exposure to upstream oil and gas exploration and production activities, and had them conducting meaningful “Single Well” petrophysical analyses, in a “Drilling Well” Scenario, within a single semester.


University Formation Evaluation Class Student Comments:

“I learned the basics of how to read different well logs, must most of all, I can find OIL (and evaluate) Pay Zones.”

“I am feeling comfortable with evaluating logs & reserves. Also, I had an experience with evaluating (FE) software.”

“I really got good information from the (Cross-Plot) related lecture.”

“Because of the (Shaly-Sand) presentations, we got good knowledge of it.”

“The (Log Calibration/Quality Control) lecture was good.”

“The (Drilling Well Exercise) made the course. It brought everything together”

“After (the Drilling Well Exercise) I feel confident.”


I can, and have, mentored Junior Staff on Petrophysics.

My weevils are notorious for their aggressive application of petrophysics to geophysical, geological, and engineering problems.



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